Safety is essential, especially when large vehicles are involved. Protect your business and your staff by taking workplace health and safety and internal communications seriously.

Vidi safe can help you ensure your transportation and hauling business meet legal and compliance obligations, and develop effective communications program to deliver a safer workplace.

With Vidi safe, we can make your inductions, work health and safety messages and your internal communications more engaging and effective.

We can help deliver a communication platform to address:

  • Specific safety and WH&S issues
  • Compliance led initiatives
  • Induction programs and messaging
  • Remote and regular communications
  • Corporate messaging and information
  • Staff training and education
  • Company culture and CSR initiatives

By investing in a safer and more engaging workplace, you will also benefit from happier and more productive staff and operations.

Take safety serious, talk to OGA about VIDI SAFE now.



Check out our Vidisafe brochure: